Corzine & Co., founded in 1971 by Michael D. Corzine, significantly enlivened Nashville’s retail landscape. From the beginning, the store was far ahead of the curve in its product mix, including introducing imports from around the world. Corzine & Co. offered an extensive collection of china, crystal, silver, distinctive gifts and accessories, as well as antiques for the table previously unavailable in Nashville.

Subsequently, Dudley C. Richter and Charlotte C. Atwood joined Corzine & Co. With the shared vision of the company’s founder, they expanded the selection of merchandise to become the premier bridal registry for fine china and giftware in middle Tennessee. The store provided a sophisticated atmosphere for multiple generations of shoppers.

Today, Ashley B. Richter and the knowledgeable staff continue the retailing tradition of Corzine & Co. with the finest selection and service in Nashville. Ashley not only intends to make your shopping experience at Corzine & Co. a pleasurable one, but also will make every effort to incorporate new and exciting items into the store.

Corzine & Co. wishes to thank all of our customers for their continued patronage. We will endeavor to do our best to continue the tradition.